PoRRSCon Meetings

May 15-16, 2014:
The concluding PoRRSCon Meeting was held in Ghent, Belgium and hosted by the coordinating institution, UGent. The work package leaders reviewed the main achievements of their work package and the last research results obtained. In total, 75 peer-reviewed scientific publications acknowledging the project funding have been released.

P5150295Picture: N.Vanderheijden

November 21-22, 2013:
Our Italian partner (PTP) kindly hosted the eighth PoRRSCon Meeting in Lodi, Italy. This meeting was also very constructive, many interesting results were presented and discussed. Up to now, 62 peer-reviewed publications have been released by the Consortium.

PB220990Picture: N.Vanderheijden

May 23rd, 2013: The seventh PoRRSCon Meeting was organized by partner 15 (CAU) and coupled to the 2013 International PRRSV Symposium (May 20-22, 2013) in Beijing, China. The partners presented their latest results to the consortium and finalization of the experiments for the last year of the project was discussed. Fifty-three scientific articles have been published up to now by the consortium.

Picture: N.Vanderheijden

November 8-9th, 2012: DTU-VET hosted the sixth PoRRSCon meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. A new Asian institution, namely China Agricultural University, from Beijing, was now officially included in the consortium as 15th partner. The members of the Project Advisory Board were invited to participate to this meeting and evaluated the progress made since the start of the project, focussing on the achievement of the deliverables. Constructive comments were made and experience exchanged in the different aspects of the project. A total of 39 scientific publications acknowledging the PoRRSCon funding have been released. BI (partner 14) kindly sponsored the dinner at the Carlsberg Museum.

Picture:Mette Buck Jensen

January 19-20th, 2012: The fifth PoRRSCon Meeting was organized by partner 10, AHVLA, and held at AHVLA in Weybridge, United Kingdom. The consortium is very active, as attested by the many interactions between the partners necessitating pre- and post-meetings, also held at AHVLA during these two days, for several work packages. Almost halfway of our project, already 26 scientific publications acknowledging the PoRRSCon funding were released. The group also took part in 75 dissemination activities, mainly conferences and workshops in Europe and USA.

Pasted Graphic Picture: L.Enjuanes

June 16th, 2011: The fourth PoRRSCon Meeting was organized by partner 3 (CReSA) and coupled to the 6th International Symposium on Emerging and Re-emerging Pig Diseases (June 12-15, 2011) held in Barcelona, Spain. The advancement of the project was discussed with regard to milestones and deliverables, and the major achievements summarized.

Picture: L.Enjuanes

January 20-21th, 2011:
The third PoRRSCon Meeting was hosted by Ingenasa (partner 4) and held in Madrid, Spain. Due milestones as well as foreground data were presented and results commented for each Work Package. A minibus took us to the historical part of the city center and after an interesting walking tour, the day was ended by a dinner organized by Ingenasa in front of the Royal Palace.

Picture: D. Do Huu

July 5-6th, 2010: The second PoRRSCon Meeting was held in Ingelheim-am-Rhein in Germany, at Boehringer-Ingelheim facilities. The participants showed the preliminary results obtained and fruitful discussions lead to a constructive meeting. Unifying decisions were made. A dinner organized by Boehringer, on the banks of the Rhein, further encouraged the discussions between the different research groups.

IMG_1474 copia
Picture: L. Enjuanes

January 11-12, 2010: The PoRRSCon Kick-off Meeting was held in Ghent, Belgium, in ‘Het Pand’, a former Dominican monastery, and now the Congress Centre of the University of Ghent. Each partner presented the State-Of-The Art in its research on PRRSV. The Work Packages as well as the activities of the Coordination Team were discussed. A guided walking visit of the city was chosen as social activity.

DSC00277Picture: D. Demeulenaere